In the 2022/23 academic year, I am a seminar leader for two undergraduate modules in the Department of Political Science and International Studies, University of Birmingham: ‘Research Design’ and ‘International Security’. I am also the personal tutor and dissertation supervisor for several final year undergraduates in the department.

I have taught the following papers to undergraduates at Oxford:

  • International Relations [tutorial reading list for AY20/21]
  • International Security and Conflict
  • Civil Wars: Causes, Consequences and Responses (bespoke course for visiting students) [syllabus]

I have taught an introductory course in International Relations for school students (with Oxford Summer Courses) – a modified version of my syllabus is available here.

I am compiling resources for students on academic skills here.

I am currently redesigning my syllabus for an introductory course to International Relations for undergraduates – the draft syllabus is available here – and developing a new course, War and Peace in Global Politics, also for undergraduates – a preliminary draft syllabus is available here.

I am also developing a course on field methods for political scientists, with a focus on research in conflict-affected areas – a draft of the syllabus is available here. Comments and feedback very welcome!