About Me

Welcome to my homepage! I am a DPhil (PhD) candidate in International Relations at Nuffield College, University of Oxford. You can view my departmental profile here and follow me on Twitter here.

My primary research interests are the causes, character and consequences of armed conflict and political violence, and the focus of my doctoral research is state and secessionist strategies in the aftermath of separatist armed conflicts, for which I did field research in Abkhazia, Georgia, Kosovo and Serbia and archival research at the UN. My wider research interests include peace processes, international security and conflict management with a regional focus on Wider Europe, qualitative and case study research methods – in particular field research in conflict-affected areas – and research ethics.

I have studied and held visiting positions at the Peace Research Institute Oslo, the Caucasus Research Resource Centre, Yale University, Central European University, the University of London, and the University of Bristol.

I am one of the founders and co-organisers of the Workshop on Conflict Dynamics, held annually at Nuffield College.

My CV is available here [August 2020 version].